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Essential Online Tools to Test Your Website

Posted onJan 6, 2015   |  

There is always room for improvement and we'd like to share some of the online tools you can use to analyze and look at the inner workings of your website.

Creating Responsive Tools : The Veriled ROI Calculator

Posted onJun 17, 2014   |  

There's nothing like agile development - allowing our clients to add on additional features down the road. We’ve recently finished the website for VERILED, Inc. early this year. Earlier this month, they needed a web application to allow their team to show to their clients a Return on Investment on their LED lamps. We employed a responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop and a robust content management tool.

Presenting Our New Website!

Posted onJun 4, 2014   |  

After 2 weeks of designing in code, we're ready to announce the new launch of our website. I'm sure there is room for improvement, so stay tuned.

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