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The ever changing business of Web Design and Development

Posted onAug 20, 2014 byMichaelRosario    web design,  web development

Working in the web industry for over 10 years, it's nice to step back and see the progress and how far we've gone. My journey in this field started with a dabble in Adobe ImageReady and Macromedia Dreamweaver (Now Adobe Dreamweaver). Back then it was plain HTML and templates done in table and frames. We did not have the bandwidth to load large images or retina/HD image replacements. The average desktop/laptop screens were 640x480, which is ironic considering some of our mobile phones are beyond these resolutions. Nonetheless, that's another genre of innovation.

Along with HTML, we were able to use PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and Javascript that allows complex programming and functions to work with your website. These allowed for rich user interfaces which we used for things like, time/clock, scrolling-marquees, visitor counters, etc.

Then came Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash), this brought an onslaught of cool features like slideshows, intro animations, and mostly anything animated - you name it.

This is a good overview of the past. I'm sure there's a Wikipedia somewhere that goes intro further detail. I'm just sharing mine.

Back to the present, the fold between print media and web media is closer. Most animations done in flash can be done in Javascript. Most typographic fonts is also available with the help of Adobe Typekit, Google Fonts, etc. There is a wide array of content management systems that are available - basically the operating system of the website. There are also frameworks that allow developers and designers a model in building sites. Websites are now responsive - the site takes advantage of different screen sizes: mobile, tablet, desktop.

In other words, the industry is always changing and we are part of this change and innovation. Our goal is to take advantage of these cool features and always provide the client a user-friendly and usable experience. We build websites on platforms that are scalable, so that we can adapt to these changes. It's a great and exciting industry.

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